Launch of the International Infrastructure Support System (IISS), Washington D.C.

CICA participated in the launch of the International Infrastructure Support System (IISS) in Washington D.C. on January 27th 2016.

 IISS is a ground-breaking digital platform pioneered by the Asian Development Bank and now led by the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation headquartered in Geneva.

This platform was designed to speed up dramatically the delivery of infrastructure in the public sector across the developing world.

It is a public project management tool enabling public sector agencies to improve their project preparation activities.

“The computer-based system gathers and synthesizes information and data on all aspects of development on an infrastructure project by project basis. It will provide immediate connectivity tailored to the needs of the public contracting authorities on a national and subnational basis and will facilitate up to the minute changes and the input of additional data.” Read the Press Release.

IISS involves the following Development Banks:

  • African Development Bank;
  • Asian Development Bank;
  • O Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social;
  • Development Bank of Southern Africa;
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development;
  • Inter-American Development Bank;
  • Islamic Development Bank;
  • World Bank Group – including the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF).

Official website

CICA is particularly attentive to the concept of Well-Prepared Projects. This platform will contribute to delivering some upstream information about a country’s pipeline of projects. It offers an interactive tool for interested contractors to obtain many details on technical, legal, financial, economic, environmental & social, governance… aspects of the projects.