Board Meeting, Brasilia

The Brazilian federation of construction – CBIC – hosted in Brasilia the 59th CICA Board-Council meeting on Monday 27th of April 2015.

This Board meeting, and the roundtables that followed in the afternoon of the 27th and on Tuesday 28th, was the first CICA Board meeting of this magnitude since the one held twelve years ago in Cairo. As CICA President Emre Aykar underlined, “it proved the will of CICA to be an active player in the deep change that the world of construction has witnessed since early 2000”.

Besides evoking the financial and organizational matters, this Board meeting was also the occasion to discuss various topics including the prevention and resolution of disputes and the Procurement Reform of the World Bank and of the African Development Bank.

CICA Director General, Roger Fiszelson, who participated to the B20 Task Force on Infrastructure and Investment in Washington in April 2015, also presented the works done by this Task Force.

He then described the works achieved by the OECD-ISMED working group and notably the project of a fourteen pages vademecum on PPP that should soon be published.

Michel Démarre, SEFI Director General and chairman of the CICA working group on Well-Prepared Project (WPP) insisted on the relevance of promoting this concept of WPP that consist of better preparing the project from the initial stage to Procurement. As Ricardo Platt, FIIC Director General, also mentioned: “a project which is not well-prepared opens the door to corruption”.

CICA President Emre Aykar also insisted on the importance of the studies developed on long term financing of infrastructure projects and on CICA will to provide useful reading material and guidance on this topic.

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