Working Groups

CICA Working Groups gather multidisciplinary international experts from our construction federations and companies to discuss specific topics and issues.
These groups are a collaborative platform for exchanges, ideas and works. CICA regularly invites guests to participate to CICA works to make presentations on a particular subject, be it through informal exchanges or round tables, organized either by CICA or a member.

How does it work?

Each WG is led by a Chairman that supervises and monitors the meetings.
WG members meet generally once a month or once every three months via Zoom or Teams.
The discussions are run in English.
All the relevant documents of the WG are shared and stored in a collaborative Dropbox.
Different WGs can collaborate together.

What are the objectives?

The inputs of the WGs are presented twice a year during CICA’s General Assemblies.
WGs usually release Position Papers related to their core subject of work. These Position Papers are presented to relevant stakeholders (Multilateral Development Banks, National and International Federations, etc) which can give rise to real change.

Who can participate?

CICA’s Working Groups are open to all members, federations and companies working with CICA.
Paricipation in several groups is possible.