Climate Change: Solutions from the Construction Industry, Paris, December 4, 2015

The European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) and CICA organised a Conference on ” Climate change : Solutions from the construction industry” in Paris on December 4th.

The French Federation of Public Works (FNTP), in partnership with the French Building Federation (FFB),  hosted this event which took place in the premises of Maison des Travaux Publics – 3, rue de Berri, 75008 Paris.

The construction industry is a key sector in terms of what can be done to address climate change with regard to both mitigation and adaptation. Hence, FIEC and CICA have been supporting their members on the path towards low carbon markets. In parallel to the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Paris, our members and partners presented their contributions.

During this international conference on « Climate change: the solutions from the construction industry », in parallel to COP21, FIEC proposed specific actions to tackle climate change for the next decade and presented examples of European best practices.

CICA supported the afternoon part of the conference which focused on connecting finance and innovation for a sustainable urban development.

High-level representatives from the World Bank, World Road Association, Middle East Technical University, DG CLIMA of the European Commission, KfW, CDC Climat and other well-known actors of the construction sector participated in the different roundtables.

The conference also put in perspective the issues of climate change with the upcoming COP22 in Morocco and Habitat III Conference on Sustainable Urban Development in Quito.

Download the programme of the conference

Download FIEC’s 10 proposals to tackle climate change

 Download Speakers’ presentations: Claus Kondrup – DG CLIMA European Commission ;

Antonio Ramos – ARPHO ; Bart Dijk – OKRA ; Michael Terhorst – SPIE Energie Solutions GmbH ;

Claude Lorea – CEMBUREAU ; Niels Heidtmann – KOMPROMENT