CICA General Assembly & Seminar, Seoul, May 20-21, 2019

The CICA General Assembly was held on May 21, 2019 at Doosan headquarters in Seoul at the kind invitation of Tae Won Park, Doosan Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Overseas Committee at the Construction Association of Korea (CAK).

The CICA General Assembly is held twice a year. At this occasion all the members of CICA come together to discuss new challenges and solutions for the construction industry at an international level. This year the Spring General Assembly in Seoul elected Philippe Dessoy (Belgium), EIC President and General manager of BESIX as CICA Vice President.

To be noticed also the participation as observers of Mr. Matthew Tee, Past President of the International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors’ Associations (IFAWPCA), and of Mr. Kenneth Loo, President of the Singapore Contractors Association Ltd. (SCAL).

In the margins of the General Assembly, CICA also organized a high-level conference on Construction 4.0 and Beyond on Monday, March 20, 2019 in the premises of the Construction Association of Korea. The seminar was organized in the continuation of the seminar organized in Paris in 2018 on Construction 4.0 for smarter cities and infrastructure which initiated the creation of a new CICA working group dealing with Construction 4.0. This year’s event in Seoul welcomed speakers from the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, from the Construction & Economy Research Institute of Korea, but also the Chief Digital Officer of the Doosan Group, the Creative Director from Quantum Global Solutions and the Chairman of the CICA Working Group on Construction 4.0. The conference offered different perspectives on how to increase the productivity of the construction industry and how to include the societal dimension of digitalization in order to increase competitiveness in a sustainable and viable manner. 

The seminar combined with the visit of the impressive Samsung Smart Home and of a Doosan complex was a very inspiring highlight and demonstration of Korea’s construction sector capacities of innovation and creativity.

B to B meetings were also organized at the Construction Association of Korea. Several well-known Korean companies and institutions met with CICA members. This business-oriented session was particularly appreciated and more B to B meetings will be organized in the margins of CICA General Assemblies in the future.

View presentations of the CICA seminar