Well-Prepared Projects

This working group is managed by Michel DEMARRE, former Director General of SEFI and Vice-president of the Europe – International Commission of the French Federation of Public Works (FNTP), Past President of European International Contractors (EIC).

The absence of a pipeline of infrastructure projects in the developing and emerging countries and the too many projects that fail are due to the lack of good preparation of the projects.

In order to remedy this situation, CICA has been working on the good preparation of the projects since 2004 and proposes to implement the concept of “Well Prepared Project” that was introduced in November 2009 at the Multilateral Development Banks’ Heads of Procurement meeting in Thessaloniki.

The concept of Well Prepared Project was then successfully reintroduced in the recommendations of the G20 in Cannes in 2011.

The Well Prepared Project concept clearly establishes the requirements for a successful project in terms of quality of the works, including sustainability and acceptability aspects, as well as bankability and respect of budgets and schedules.

The objective of the Well Prepared Project working group would be to provide a set of recommendations or guidelines for countries and institutions (notably the Multilateral Development Banks and Development Finance Institutions) involved in infrastructure investment in the developing and emerging world. These recommendations will aim to improve the quality of preparation and implementation of projects. The first application of the concept of Well Prepared Project in the context of this CICA working group is the road sector. CICA is currently engaged in discussions and works jointly with the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and the World Road Association (PIARC). From July 1st 2022, Michel DEMARRE will chair PIARC’s taskforce on Well Prepared Projects in Low and Middle-Income Countries.