The Contractors’ Guide to Partnering with the African Development Bank (AfDB)

The DEVEX Group launched a study in 2018 on how to partner as a foreigner or as a local with the African Development Bank, in order to participate in the continent’s development.

Since 2000, the growing importance of Asian actors in the continent’s development has changed the rules of the game. After studying the contracts data of the AfDB from 2000 to 2016, DEVEX came up with five tips, to do business with the AfDB.

It is crucial for contractors to follow the current trends, especially since AfDB wishes to emphasize its use of local actors and channels in the continent’s development. The AfDB is not looking for cheap projects but for valuable and sustainable outcomes, that will benefit the continent’s prosperity.

These five tips are leads for contractors on how to grow and sustain their presence on the African market. Find them in our summary below.

DEVEX’s study Summary