CICA Mission to Washington D.C., April 12-15, 2019

A CICA Delegation led by President Emre Aykar (Turkey) and composed of 17 representatives from FIIC, FIEC/EIC and OCAJI had working meetings in Washington D.C. on April 12-15, 2019, in the context of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group Spring Meetings.

  • CICA met with Jemima T. Sy, Program Manager of the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) and Philippe Neves, Senior Infrastructure Specialist

PPIAF is working on developing an aligned set of indicators among the different tool providers for PPPs. CICA shared its methodology on calculating the real budgetary impact of an infrastructure project.

  • CICA offered its expertise to the Transport Department of the World Bank Group led by Transport Specialist Diep Nguyen-van Houtte

A consultation on Health and Safety issues, their implementation and enforcement within construction companies was organized with the different CICA representatives.

  • CICA had the opportunity to meet with Joaquim Levy, former Managing Director of the World Bank and now President of the Brazilian Bank of Development (BNDES)

Joaquim Levy presented the investment climate in Brazil and encouraged CICA to continue working on the topic of Construction 4.0. and to share the works of its working group.

  • CICA met the Procurement Team of the World Bank Group, namely the Head of Procurement of the World Bank, Enzo de Laurentiis; Galina J. Mikhlin-Oliver, World Bank Chief Policy Officer and Jennifer Thomson, Chief Financial Management Officer

CICA was informed about the developments of the World Bank’s procurement strategy. CICA will have the opportunity to comment on the Conditions of Particular Application (COPA) supplementing the FIDIC 2017 Editions which the World Bank will include in its standard bidding documents.

  • CICA representatives also met with Maria Eugenia Roca, Head of Procurement of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

CICA was informed about IDB’s expansion of its procurement policy. IDB will also publish COPA accompanying the FIDIC Edition 2017 as soon as they will be translated into Spanish and Portuguese. CICA will have the opportunity to comment on the COPA and on the FIDIC 2017 Editions before their official issuance.

  • CICA met with US Exim: Isabel Galdiz, Vice President and Cassie Rowlands, Policy Analyst

The issue of increasing the local cost threshold in export contracts for the construction industry was discussed and a regular dialogue with US Exim and CICA has been settled.


The Washington meetings confirmed the reciprocal interest in continuing regular dialogue between CICA and its stakeholders. They all expressed a strong interest in receiving inputs from contractors. Especially the World Bank Procurement Team stated that CICA is one of their main partners.


  • Review of World Bank’s and IDB’s COPA and updated procurement policies before their official issuance;
  • Set up a regular follow-up with IDB, PPIAF, IMF and US Exim;
  • Invitation to PPIAF’s Knowledge Sharing Events throughout the year;
  • Launch a postdoctoral fellowship in cooperation with the IMF to lobby for a better calculation of the socio-economic benefits of infrastructure projects;
  • Disseminate CICA works on Construction 4.0;
  • Facilitate meetings for the World Bank’s Transport Department which is organizing consultations in Europe.

Contact CICA Secretariat for the detailed reports.