Public & Private Partnerships

The WG has been active since 2009. Under the leadership of Fernando Lago, FIIC representative, it meets virtually on the third Wednesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. UTC

The group has received contributions from experts and representatives of CICA member associations, coming from Europe, America, Asia.

It is open to new members.

Proposals for the future of PPPs


Increase the relationship with MDBs and other academic and private sector actors interested in infrastructure.

Increase the use of contracts by applying the PPP Public Private Participation scheme to generate and operate infrastructure projects for public use, closing an infrastructure gap that grows year after year.

To do this, improve the perception of the APP system by investors, governments and the Community.

Propose innovative ideas to mitigate the risks of this type of contracts and achieve a greater investment through them

Current situation

Infrastructure projects under PPP contracts have been in decline since 2013.

Ideas to achieve a greater investment

1.- Mitigation systems and adequate risk distribution in a long-term contract

2.- Contribution of Multilaterals to the development of a project bank in emerging countries,

3.-Quick and equitable reformulation of current contracts affected by the pandemic.

4- Promote broad access to data on operational projects that allow their results to be measured, showing the risks effectively assumed by the investor.

5.- Promote investment in infrastructure so that it becomes an “asset class”, and therefore is negotiable in the primary and secondary market, in order to open this type of investment to retail or non-specialized investors

Fernando Lago

PPP Working Group leader

It is a great honor for me to lead the CICA PPP Working Group since 2009

There, I have a fruitful relationship with experts and representatives of CICA member associations from Europe, America, Asia.

As the leader of the FIIC Infrastructure Committee, the WG is the place to talk about the infrastructure needs of Latin America and share experiences and lessons learned from experts from around the world.

The entire Group works to encourage the use of all available tools, such as PPP, to close the global infrastructure gap. This will favor the productivity of our countries and the quality of life of their communities.

The Group is open to new participants. We meet virtually the third Wednesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. UTC