President’s Welcome Letter

President Irwin Perret – Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Confederation of International Contractors’ Associations (CICA) website. CICA represents and speaks for the global construction since 1974. CICA is an umbrella Confederation which represents the world leading construction companies affiliated to multiple regional federations, focusing in technical, environmental, legal, financial and political issues.

For centuries construction companies affiliated to our member federations have been responsible for an important part of the world growth and modernization, and has also been responsible for much of the wellness in living that we enjoy nowadays.

Also for centuries, the construction industry has built cities through housing, building rehabilitation, industrial, commercial, retail, and hospitality construction projects. The construction industry has also built the world´s infrastructure: building roads, railway lines, airports, water and maritime works, tunnels, bridges, hospitals, sports stadiums, museums, among others. In the future our industry will keep helping these efforts, but also will be facing the process of modernization through the increase in the use of technology and the possible participation of big tech companies in our area. For certain this constitutes a major challenge for all of us.

It is an honor and a privilege to have the trust of the different International Contractors Federations to lead this outstanding organization. As in the past, we face great challenges in identifying and mentoring the changes occurring in our industry. It is also an exciting time of possible growth and opportunity for us!

Our appointment occurs at a time of change, the COVID 19 has influenced the way we work and interact. Safety protocols at the jobsites and remote work have become the new trends, while our identity remains thanks to the millions of construction workers and companies represented under our umbrella. We are sure that the economic impact suffered by our industry has to be converted into an opportunity, through the increase of infrastructure investment, promoting growth and wellness in the different countries.

We are starting an era in which we wish to maintain a leading position in the world infrastructure, with a view to the future.

Let us pledge to make the upcoming decade one of record growth in construction investment and further opportunities for the world contracting companies. We look forward to lead our industry in this exciting and challenging time, and ask you to come along with us to help modernize it.

CICA is an up-to-date confederation that promotes innovation and has a clear and firm commitment to dialogue and transparency with its stakeholders. We are committed to keep being the dominant, consistent and sound representation of the world construction industry.