Political Risk Insurance (PRI) Conference, Solmondo, Paris, June 16, 2016

The Political Risk Insurance (PRI) Paris Conference organized by Solmondo on the 16th of June, « Medium Term Credit & Political Risk Insurance Market: This product works! » mobilized numerous exporters, of which some of the construction and public works sector.

In 2016, exporters, investors and banks can use either the national public insurer or the private insurers to cover their political and medium/long term credit risks. Public insurers have inherently constraints: local part, OECD rules for calculation of premiums, etc, that private insurers (54 in 2016) do not have. These are more competitive and flexible and use simple and expeditious procedures.

As a specialized broker, Solmondo brought together a panel of major insurers, around a British expert of claims in the market for 20 years, which have shown that:

  • Private Insurance Market Works, Claims have been paid for 20 years!
  • This private market offers a great opportunity to improve competitiveness.
  • Solmondo is a very active broker in claims management and in helping setting up financing by exploring innovative new structures.

Better information is needed on the existence of this dynamic market, which is why Solmondo opens in September the “PRI School” offering training to companies on the guarantees of the market, abundant and competitive.

To know the program of the workshops of the PRI School, please send a message to solmondo@solmondo.net.

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