“How can good road project preparation help curb down corruption”, World Road Congress

 Seoul, November 4, 2015

Michel DEMARRE, Director General of SEFI (French Association of International Contractors) participated in the World Road Congress in Seoul last 2nd to 6th of November 2015 and made a presentation in the name of CICA on “How can good road project preparation help curb down corruption”.

CICA holds the view that good project preparation, particularly in the field of road projects, is in the interest of the project itself and eventually benefits all stakeholders, including road authorities, the public at large, as well as the contractors and consultants involved.

In its recent work, PIARC’s Technical Committee 1.1 (TC 1.1) outlined how good project preparation can help make the project acceptable to citizens and meet the deadlines and budgets : “Well-prepared projects reduce project risks, right from the development stage, which are indicators of possible corruption such as poor material quality, delays, cost overruns and possible unethical behaviour associated with ensuing change orders”.

The related paper focuses specifically on one additional benefit drawn from good road project preparation, namely on how it can help curb down fraud and corruption, by reducing technical uncertainties and ensuing opportunities for possible change orders and unethical behaviour, by adopting adequate procurement strategy in order to improve competition and by informing interested stakeholders and civil society about the justification and accurate definition of the project.

Download the full paper on “How can good road project preparation help curb down corruption”

Download Michel DEMARRE’s Powerpoint Presentation