Contech and Security at Work 2022

Last May 17th to 19th, CICA held its General Assembly in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel.

CICA had the honor to be hosted by the Israel Builders Association (IBA).

This three-day event, gathering participants from all over the world, was rich in meetings and discussions, and particularly focused on innovation and development in the construction sector.

The first day took place at the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation in Tel Aviv and it brought together Israeli start-ups, industry leaders, experts, and multinational corporations.

Introductory Speech By Irwin Peret and Raul Srugo

Raul Srugo and Irwin Peret, president of the IBA and president of CICA respectively, introduced the event with a speech on the importance of the construction industry, as well as the new challenges for the future.

Both parties also mentioned the actual international concerns for the sector, like the War in Ukraine, the raise on inflation and price on prime materials, the COVID pandemic, as well as the security at work in the construction industry.

After the speeches, the event retook on Construction Technologies and Security at Work for the Construction Industry.

Construction Technologies (CONTECH)

During the morning, 9 construction startups took place on the stage to present their innovations for remodeling and repurposing the way we build now at days.

The main issues addressed by these startups were the housing crisis, sustainability and ecology for a better construction, efficient use of resources, automation and project management software for better decision making for contractors.

Their proposals went from construction materials and project management software, to solar lighting systems and leveling equipment.

Within these startups we had VEEV, Trusstor, Bimmatch, Structurepal, Buildots, Solight, Conwize, Pelles, Versatile and Econcrete.

Security at Work for the Construction Industry

During the afternoon, the event focused on the importance of security protocols and measures, as well as different ways to promote them among contractors.

Multiple methods for preventing accidents in the workplace were proposed with creativity and ease.

Israel showed its commitment and ambition towards security at work, especially through the efforts of Eyal Ben Reuven, chairman of the joint Safety Headquarters implemented by IBA, who is working with his team to display a series of security protocols for contractors across the world.

The goal of these efforts is to protect construction workers in every country.

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