Construction Disconnected

The Fourth industrial Revolution offers opportunities to rethink the management of project data and mobile collaboration to reduce costs and improve schedules. Indeed, much has to be done. Poor data and communication are a burden on the construction industry and have to be tackled.

“Time spent on non-optimal activities will cost the US construction industry $177.5 Billion in 2018 alone”.

The report’s results are based on a survey including 599 construction industry leaders. According to them, 35% of their time is spend on non-optimal activities: looking for project data, conflict resolution or dealing with mistakes and rework.

Although the construction industry understands the problem, the right choices are not being made. The industry recognizes that equipping field and office teams with the right technological tools is a priority to gain better access to project data. However, they are not yet including this consideration in the decision-making process and provided tools are not used consistently nor effectively.

The opportunities to increase in construction productivity through mobile devices are huge as teams are already adopting mobile technology. This report gives information about how to implement the right strategy for a successful deployment of mobile technology, clarifies the top reasons for investment and calls attention to considerations when investing in construction tech.

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