Construction 4.0 for Smarter Cities & Infrastructure, CICA Seminar in Paris

Digitalization is seen as the key enabler to transform the construction sector as a whole.

According to McKinsey the productivity of the sector could rise by 50-60%.

The contribution of the construction industry to the world’s gross domestic product is estimated at about 10%. But its impact on the world economy is much higher. Digitalization does not only impact productivity for the construction sector itself but also encourages better working conditions, environmental protection, affordable homes as well as higher quality infrastructure which improves the quality of life in cities as a whole. In order to face the future challenges such as climate change, digital economy, demographic changes or energy efficiency, the construction sector must reinvent itself and become smarter, for its own sake but also for the sake of the well-being of future generations.

Much is at stake.

Join this international seminar including speakers from Latin America (FIIC), Japan (OCAJI), South Korea (CAK) and Europe (FIEC, McKinsey, Bouygues, Finalcad) to discuss the future of the construction sector.

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