CICA representatives attended EIC Workshop on Supply Chain in International Construction Projects, Rotterdam

CICA representatives attended European International Contractors (EIC)’s General Assembly and Workshop on Connecting Partners – Supply Chain Responsibility in International Construction Projects on Friday 9th of October 2015.

The meetings were hosted by the Netherlands Association of International Contractors (NABU) in Rotterdam which was elected “2015 European City of the Year” by the Academy of Urbanism.

The key messages delivered during the workshop were the importance of institutionalizing trust, building reliable partnerships and forming coalitions keeping in mind a long term perspective.

Some methods to measure sustainability along the supply chain were suggested and it was highlighted that best results were achieved when suppliers and sub-suppliers were involved at an early stage of the project execution.

A particular focus was also made on the crucial roles of due diligence and monitoring risks as well as promoting and implementing transparency.

High-ranking speakers participated to this workshop including the Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Professor Jan Peter Balkenende – who gave insights about Sustainable Coalitions.

EIC is now collecting best practice examples of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in international markets among European contractors active in the EIC network and is planning to set up a new Working Group on the subject next year.

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