CICA meetings with World Bank Group, Washington DC, April 2018

A CICA delegation led by CICA President Jorge Mas (Chile) and composed of 15 representatives from FIIC and FIEC met World Bank Group representatives in Washington D.C. on April 19-22, 2018 in the context of the Spring Meetings.

The delegation met with Joaquim Levy, Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Levy emphasized how much the World Bank is engaged in taking Public-Private Partnerships in places where it is not too developed. He underlined the crucial need for project preparation and encouraged CICA to continue its works on “Well-Prepared Project” as well as to follow up the upcoming G20/B20 in Japan focusing on the concept of “Quality Infrastructure”.

The CICA delegation had working meetings with the Vice Presidency Operations Policy and Country Services (OPCS) as well as the newly created Vice Presidency Global Themes

CICA met with OPCS Vice President, Ms. Manuela Ferro and her team including Chief Procurement Officer Mr. Enzo de Laurentiis to discuss the implementation of the new World Bank Procurement Policy and Environmental and Social Framework.

CICA met with Global Themes Vice President Hartwig Schafer and his team including Director Infrastructure, Guarantees and Public-Private Partnerships Mr. Jordan Schwartz to speak about Multilateral Development Banks’ analysis and proposals to meet the infrastructure needs.

A meeting was also organized with the International Finance Corporation (IFC). CICA met with IFC Chief Industry Specialist, Mr. Pierre Pozzo di Borgo, and IFC Global Transport Group Mr. John G. Graham to discuss the recent trends in Public Private Partnerships and innovative instruments for development finance.

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