Manuel Vallarino

Born in Panamá, Republic of Panamá; resides in Panamá City, Panamá, with academic degrees from Universities in Illinois and Florida.

Entrepreneur in the Construction Industry and has participated in multiple enterprises in the Republic of Panama.

Is member of the Panamanian Construction Chamber (CAPAC), American Society of Military Engineers (ASME), American Concrete Institute (ACI), American Water Works Association (AWWA) and American Society of Civil Engenieers (ASCE).

Active member of the Kiwanis Club and the Panamian Association of Concerts. Participated in professional associations where he has been President of the Panamanian Construction Chamber (CAPAC), the Organization for Construction Chambers of Central America and the Caribbean (ORDECCCAC), Vice President of the Interamerican Federation of the Construction Industry (FIIC) and President of the Confederation of International Contractors Association (CICA).

Manuel R. Vallarino Quijano , Has been a member of the board of CICA from 2010.

From 2005-2007 and from 2013 – 2014 he was CICA President.
Has been President from 1966 – 2015 of Group Panedi in Republic of Panamá.
Is a Past President of Club Kiwanis of Panamá.
Past President of CAPAC (Panamanian Chamber of Construction).
Past President of ORDECCCAC. (Regional Organization of Construction of Central America and the Caribbean).
Past President of FIIC. (Interamerican Federation of the construction industry).

He received the medal JORGE M. ARIAS from CONEP (National Council for the Private Sector ) , for the Entrepreneur of the Year for 2012 in the Republic of Panamá. It is the highest recognition of the private sector bestowed in the Republic of Panama.