CICA General Assembly & Seminar, Paris, November 05-06, 2018

The CICA General Assembly was held on Tuesday, 6th November 2018 in its headquarters in Paris. The CICA General Assembly is held twice a year. At this occasion all the members of CICA come together to discuss new challenges and solutions for the construction industry at an international level. This year the General Assembly in Paris elected Emre Aykar (Turkey), Board member of Yapı Merkezi Construction Company, as new president of CICA for two years (2018-2020).

At this year’s General Assembly Emre Aykar (Turkey) has been elected President of CICA for 2 years. He succeeded to Jorge Mas (Chile), President of CICA from 2016-2018 and former President of the Chilean Chamber of Construction. José Carlos Martins (Brazil), President of the Brazilian Chamber of construction, has been elected Senior Vice-President and Daniel Tardy (France), former President of FNTP, FIEC and CICA has been confirmed as Treasurer. Emre Aykar expressed his gratitude for the support and committed himself to continue the work of his predecessor. He underlined the necessity of the contribution of the construction sector to reduce the infrastructure finance gap, to increase productivity in construction, to enhance sustainable construction and to promote the efficient use of new technologies.

In this context and in the margins of the General Assembly, CICA also organized a high-level conference on Construction 4.0 for Smarter Cities and Infrastructure on Monday, 5th November 2018 in its headquarters in Paris. This event welcomed speakers from McKinsey, Bouygues, the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC), the Inter-American Construction Federation (FIIC), the Construction Association of Korea (CAK) as well as the Overseas Construction Association of Japan (OCAJI). The conference offered different perspectives on how to increase the productivity of the sector and quality of infrastructure through an efficient and sustainable use of new technologies.