CICA General Assembly & Seminar in Paris, December 12-13, 2019

The CICA General Assembly was held on Friday, December 13, 2019 at the CICA headquarters in Paris.

This year the Autumn General Assembly in Paris welcomed the President from the Israel Builders Association (IBA), Raul Srugo and some members of his team.

Raul Srugo and his team presented the main challenges and opportunities of the Israeli construction market. Besides, an introduction to the high-tech platform Contech by the CEO Zachi Flatto was presented. Contech’s ecosystem includes startups, companies from all sectors of the construction industry, contractors, software companies, regulatory bodies, policy makers and investors. Contech activities are aimed to grow the construction-tech startup ecosystem, while facilitating business connections between startups and industry players in Israel and abroad.

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In the margins of the General Assembly, CICA also organized a high-level conference on Construction Disputes Resolution, December 12, 2019 in the premises of the French Federation of Public Works (FNTP) in Paris. The seminar was organized for several motives:

  • Following the discussions CICA had with the World Bank and FIDIC, one important change in the new FIDIC Suite of Contracts deals with the Dispute Avoidance and Adjucation Board clause. To “DAB” now a new “A” is added to include “avoidance”. We observed that there are considerable changes in the structure, formation and missions of the new DAAB within FIDIC and also within the new World Bank Procurement Policy CICA was able to consult and comment. To ensure the protection and safety of communities affected by World Bank supported contracts, it is intended to promote a broader use of the DAAB. The DAAB is given the duty to review the compliance of the contractor related to the management of emerging risks such as environmental & social risks, health and safety and gender-based violence.

In this context, high-level representatives from the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF) were invited to clarify the role of the DAAB.

  • Construction disputes are perceived to be very time consuming and costly if not settled amicably. They can be taken to arbitration, under the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) notably but contractors can be reluctant to go to such an arbitration because of the high costs it implies.

High-level speakers from ICC were thus invited to brief the contractors about the latest developments, improvements and precautions taken by ICC and to inform the audience how the arbitral process might be improved to meet the needs and concerns of the construction sector.

  • Raise awareness on the products available to enable contractors to finance construction arbitration including third party funding, after event insurance, sovereign default insurance etc.

Speakers from Pinsent Masons and Augusta Ventures were invited to brief the audience about the latter.

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