CICA General Assembly 2022 Israel President’s Visit

On May 19th, 2022, CICA and its members had the honor to visit the Israel President’s Official Residence in Jerusalem, in the framework of CICA General Assembly, organized by the Israel Builders Association (IBA). The place counted with the presence of representatives from Bulgaria, Chile, Turkey, Israel, Uruguay, among others.

During the visit, the president of CICA, Irwin Perret and its counterpart of IBA, Raul Srugo, had a discussion with President Isaac Herzog on the challenges currently faced by the construction industry, putting emphasis on COVID-19, the war in Ukraine and the inflation that comes out of it.

Isaac Herzog expressed his awareness regarding the activities of both organizations and remarked their impact in the construction industry worldwide.

Irwin Perret and Raul Srugo, both had the opportunity to share the challenges that the industry is confronting nowadays, putting specific emphasis on Corona, Inflation and Ukarine War problems.

The three parties discussed about the future of the construction industry and how to address the opportunities successfully.

The conversation closed with Irwin Perret and Raul Srugo signing a mutual agreement on the promotion of ‘Occupational Safety and Health in Construction’ in the construction industry: within this agreement, both parties engaged in the promotion of different measures to strive towards excellence in construction site safety.

Some of the activities proposed to fulfil this commitment include the exchange of knowledge, good practices, and tools to enhance health at work and quality of life for employees and managers.

Although most of those safety measures are applicable in the workplace, the associations want to push forward by supporting “a culture of continuous learning and improvement based on worker management collaboration”.

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