CHINCA’s 6th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum, Macau

CICA Director General, Roger Fiszelson, and Fernando Lago, representative of the Argentinian federation of construction at FIIC, participated in the 6th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum organized by CHINCA in Macau on the 4th and 5th of June 2015.

1300 participants attended the meeting with representatives of 11 African countries, 9 Latin American countries, 9 Asian countries and 5 European countries.

15 panels were animated by 134 moderators and panelists. The two main themes discussed were “One belt one road” and “Latin America”.

CICA Director General spoke at Panel 3 on Innovative Financing Modes and Multilateral Financial Cooperation on Cross-border Infrastructure Projects.

To be noticed: CHINCA has a new President, Fang Qiuchen.

CICA representatives participated in the Chairmen’s roundtable and had the opportunity to meet with CHINCA’s President, Fang Qiuchen as well as with Vice President Wang He. On that occasion, Roger Fiszelson and Fernando Lago presented the different CICA working groups to strengthen the exchanges and common works between CHINCA and CICA, notably on long-term financing of infrastructures, well-prepared projects and on the Center of Excellence on PPP “Policy, Institutions and Laws” affiliated to the UNECE and promoted by CICA.

CICA supported CHINCA’s Joint Action Plan which main goals are to increase transparency, ethic, fair competition. These values are core principles according to CICA and deeper exchanges should be developed between the two organizations.

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