Board Meeting, Paris 2014

CICA held his 58th Board-Council Meeting in Paris on the 17th of November 2014.

Representatives of FIEC, the EIC, FIIC, CBIC, SEFI, OCAJI as well as CHINCA attended the meeting.

To be noticed: Emre Aykar was elected as new President of CICA taking over from Manuel Vallarino as of the 1st of January 2015.

The Board members stressed the importance of continuing the works with FIDIC as FIDIC recently asked CICA and the EIC to kindly review the FIDIC White Book. The reform of the World Bank Procurement was also at the center of the discussions. Roger Fiszelson suggested the creation of a new working group dealing with Infrastructures long-term financing.

Frank Kehlenbach, Director General of the European International Contractors, made a presentation on Abnormally Law Tenders as the EBRD requested a common feedback from the EIC – CICA and FIDIC. He also made a presentation on Infrastructure Trust Fund (ITF) 2.0 as it is developed by the EIC and DG DEVCO. This mechanism would allow the European Union to leverage funds from the private sector and to finance bigger projects.

Following the Board meeting, two roundtables were organized on Monday 17th afternoon and on Tuesday 18th morning. A first one aimed at discussing PPP and long term financing of infrastructures with presentations from Jean-Louis Laurens (Rothschild) and Vincent Piron (Former Head of Strategy at Vinci Concessions). The second roundtable’s topic was PPP Procurement rules as seen by the Multilateral Development Banks with the presence of Bernard Becq (Former World Bank Chief Procurement Officer and currently Advisor of the African Development Bank’s Chief Procurement Officer).

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